RPG: Lord of the Rings - Core Book

RPG: Lord of the Rings - Core Book
Welcome to the epic fantasy that started it all!

Join the epic struggle of good versus evil in the greatest fantasy universe ever imagined.
Master wondrous magic and defeat fell beasts as your heroes face the dark might of the Shadow and its servants. Prepare to enter Middle-earth, the real that introduced fantasy to generations of fans the world over.

The LotR Roleplaying Game brings the epic adventure of J.R.R. Tolkien's beloved trology and the acclaimed hit movie to players and fans everywhere. Now you and your friends can enter the Middle-earth and take on the roles of any character or hero you can imagine, from a relucant hobbit like Frodo to a powerful wizard like Gandalf. Everything you need to play is contained in this book. Your stories are waiting to be told...

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