RPG: Sword sorcery - Requiem for a god

RPG: Sword sorcery - Requiem for a god
An event Book by Monte Cook.

Malhavoc Pres proudly presents the first D20 Event Book, a "how-to" guide for players and DMs.
"Requiem for a God" Supposes that a major event has taken place in your campaign: the death of an immortal being.

This book has all you need to introduce the demise of a divine power into your game. DM notes cover the death's repercussions of the campaign, and new prestige classes tap into the departed god's power.
Short tie-in adventures features power-mad villains seeking to hoard their new might while cosmic forces move to realign the balance.

Characters can wiel artifacts made of god-relics and spells fueled by lingering divine essence. Meanwhile, dark creatures born of the god's passing challenge adventurers of all levels.

Kill a god in your game. Then watch what happens.

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